What Is T-FEST?


If you were slightly confused by what T-FEST is then here’s a vlog by the guys bringing the event to you. In the three minutes they explain what you can expect, where you can see it and what the winner will make out of it. Simple.
13TH February is not only about T-FEST, sure if you like to hear good music and want to support the upcoming try their hand on music then do attend T-FEST but if you want to spend your Valentines Eve with someone very special then Valentines Eve party is also taking place right after T-FEST. The best thing is you will also get access to the Valentines Eve party if you have a ticket to T-FEST. Who knew having two events on one night could work wonders!
If you don’t know who will be performing on the first date from the T-FEST, then click here!
Deets about both the events are printed on the flyer below. 

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