Korean Volunteers Helping Nepal


Check out this short clip from ARIRANG TV, simply put… it shows Korean volunteer workers helping people of Mahadevbesi in Nepal.

I like what the Doc says in the clip. That was something which few friends and I were discussing just last week. The rate of progress made by South Korea and how it is possibly [dont quote me on this] the only country who used to receive a lot of aid but is now in a position to provide aid. 

We are at such a stage. It’s lovely to see foreigners helping Nepal but then again it always make’s me feel guilty to know that I haven’t been able to contribute to the development of our nation… Working on it though… Might take time but working on it….

And you reading this, why not volunteer? If you’ve got spare few hours in a week then help out at the local charity store, go read for the children at the nearest orphanage, join in a sponsor charity walk. List is endless. Or form a group and make your own charity organisation.

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