India Gives 20 Ambulances to Nepal

Yesterday marked the 63rd Republic Day for India. It was also the official release day of Agneepath [remake] which has grossed over 25 crore on the first day beating Bodyguard. Moving on from Bollywood and getting to the point, to mark the republic day on Thursday a vehicle handover ceremony was held at the premises of Indian Embassy in Kathmandu where 20 ambulances and 4 buses was handed over to different organisations and schools spanning over twenty districts of Nepal.

Some of these organisations range from Dhading District Hospital and Nepal Red Cross Society. The keys were handed over to the recipients of the respective organisations and not simply to the ‘government’. If you want to read more about this ceremony then click here!

This surely is super news’, hope we’re all grateful for the gesture.

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Lex Limbu
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  1. This shall make many Nepalese people realise how much prejudice they are against Indians. We should really be greatful. Cheers India 🙂

  2. Is 20 ambulance a year is worth 400 km square of kalapani, and what about pain in susta and pashupatinagar. Ok lets forget all the border issue what about billions of rupees they had to pay for koshi devistation for reconstruction according to agreement i dont see that comming. Indian’s oppenly use racial slur againts gurkha in their media by calling durban, sabji etc but when we call them dhoti we are racist. India always tries to put its grip over our politics, soverginity that is the reason we hate them beside you can barely find a country in south asia that doesnt hate india ( except Bhutan).

    • except Bhutan??? go ask the 40000 exiled Bhutanese now living in USA. If anything Bhutanese in exile hate India more than Nepalese can ever imagine.

  3. yeh ani Maowadi harulai, india le 10 barsa samma Nepalma katmaar garna, atanka failauna diyeko support chahi marlakkai bhulni ki kaso???? la maile ta bhulumla. ti 15,000 Nepali ka pariwarle bhullan? And what about history? What about 18 month economic blockade of Nepal? What about our bid to become Zone of Peace? Open border, Land encroachment ra Bihari tandab ko ta kura nagarni? ani Lex bhaiyya, bande mataram gaudai hinnu pani parni ho ki?
    ajha ko dinma aayera pani hamile, “India never was, is not ra never will be Nepal’s friend” bhanne kura bujhenau bhane Dhikkar cha Nepali hunuma. . . .Jai Nepal.

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