Chapali Height Will Tease You!

As if the photo’s weren’t generating enough comments here is the first look of Chapali Height, a teaser full of kissing and the general romping. Heyy’ I’m sure there’s a great twist behind it all. Though I haven’t seen the Indian movie Murder, I have heard these genre of movies can be quite a brain teaser. Not making any comparisons but I hope Chapali Height reaches it’s aim. Hmm I wonder which guy out of the two will be dubbed the ‘serial kisser’.

Now this sexy movie will be in cinemas near you on the 16th of March

PS. The poster of Chapali Height is making the rounds as being too ”inspired” from Basic Instinct… makes sense but oh well. Google and see for yourself. Also, Sabin Rai has sung for the OST of Chapali Height. I can’t help but calling CH a Nepali sexy seushii movie!

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