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Here is SERU an animation made in Nepal by Escape Animation which recently won the ONE FILM 3D Animation Challenge in December [2011]. SERU was announced as a joint winner alongside No Light. The winners were awarded a cash prize of Nrs 5 Lakh! That amount sounds stupendous! It took the team a good seven months to complete Seru and they had up to six artists working on the project. When asked regarding the challenges they faced during the journey the team pointed out loadshedding being the key problem with others just being a minor struggle which they viewed more as a learning experience. A belated Congrats to Escape Animation for the win! Watch the making of the animation – here
Seru is a short animation inspired from real characters, Pranaya – as a freak and Seru (dog) as Seru. It shows the amazing bond of friendship between a freak and Seru as it is in real life. The two of them set out for an adventure together and as it is Seru’s first time on the glider thing’s do not unravel well. However their friendship deepens even more in the end for the better.
PS. Those who watched it! Hope y’all enjoyed the viewing as the video has been took for by the makers of the animation. 

Lex Limbu
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  1. Omg, it’s always been one of my dreams to see original Nepalese animation become produced in Nepal. Loved the story, the location design, the whole idea was great. Voice acting was good too, and just loved loved loved hearing Nepali-ness in an animation.

    Props to Escape Animation… I hope they keep making more and more animations… one day hope to see Nepalese animations becoming a huge success. Good luck guys.

  2. thanks
    yes we are so working hard to just start the movie. soon in two months we are coming up for the trailer of movie but that is just to promote ourselves and find right people/ producer.

  3. They have made everything so fantastic, but one thing that poped up in my head is that motion of text. The text motion did not match the motion the flying board. Why is that?

  4. And I was expecting to see Nepal village from the board and the dog owner in Nepali dress. Hoping to see the environment of nepali village on your next animation.
    Good luck guys…..

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