Dr. Baburam Bhattarai’s New VISION

Ambitious – Check! 
Realistic – Hmmm!

Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai recently unveiled a development plan, a vision paper on Thursday which largely focuses on developing infrastructure and creating employment opportunities. Here are few of the aims of the paper:

  • Kathmandu – Terai Fast Track Road
  • Mid – Hill Highway
  • Second International Airport Outside Kathmandu – Nijgadh
  • Melamchi Drinking Water Project
  • North – South Highways
  • Power Generation also high on the agenda

Ambitious right? And that’s only few from the 55 page long ”Immediate Action Plan for Economic Development and Prosperity”. The outcome of all these development’s hope to create 677,000 new jobs in 17 different areas. Now one of the best target’s out of this whole vision is the government planning to open the track of Kathmandu – Terai Fast track and the Mid – Hill highway by the end of this fiscal year. Traveling by road will hopefully be much quicker!

What do you think should be top on the priority list? Maybe more focus on energy! 

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  1. I have always got faith on Dr Baburam Bhattari. He is the only minister I knew he had got a serious vision with qualification. But the opposition parties are always as usual busy in pulling his leg.I believe if we give him at least 5 year then may be we can see a radical change in our country. His government has done a lot of change which can be seen easily from the health and safety to the narrow roads of KTM. He also has taken action against the corrupted top army and police officials. Which none of the previous ministers had got a gut to do so. I believe he is the messiah of Nepal.

  2. KIDS…..they r d real heros for tmrw…loooking over how ppl hav lost their humanity, patriotism and become so selfish. Even tho life standard has changed to some extent the mentality is still same and its so frustating to educate each and every one. I think to create a new Nepal we should really focus on the growing kids and the environment they grow. This should apply to every kids on each corner of Nepal not just the capital or city. which obviously means having better infrastructure aswell because if we dont have good means of transportation or network communication the rural area will be laid back.

  3. So far he is the only dependable politician in our country. Someone get him a copy of ‘from third world to first’. I’m sure with leaders like him we can dare to dream.

  4. I really wish and hope to see all the aims being Checked ( actually N truly fulfilled) especially Melamchi Drinking Water Project , safe drinking water is always vital but sure others point too . I wish and pray Government of Nepal will not fail literally not fail this time ! JAI NEPAL

  5. Now i feel really happy to have studied economics at both my undergraduate and masters level. Economics 101 teaches fundamental and importance of basic needs such as education, infrastructure and healthcare for example.

    Prime Minister Bhattarai’s focus on infrastructure shows our country’s main focus and needs. He truly understands the day to day needs of the country more than anyone.

    Infrastructure not only provides job, but it mainly provides economic prosperity and more investment opportunity. Our country have potential and if these plans are successful then we can create a really good platform for future investments in other projects as well. But, it all depends on the success of these current infrastructure projects first. Therefore, fingers cross !!

  6. Ambitious indeed but definitely Achievable without any political disruption from his own or opposition parties.

  7. We have been hearing the same old political policies and strategies for last two decades now, yet our country is exactly where we were twenty years ago, or may be worse.
    Unless there is a transparent implementation of whatever is “coughed” on those 55 pages, I can not see any change in Nepal.

  8. Chor Baun Baburam needs to be tried for murder, extortion, raging war and human rights violations. Nepal needs to adapt Death Penalty ASAP.

  9. […]  “The London Chamber of Commerce is delighted to sign an MoU with FNCCI. The Chamber has been involved in various projects with Nepal over the last few years and knows at first hand the great potential of the country for foreign investment in, for example, hydro-electricity. Working with the FNCCI, I am sure we can bring wider awareness of the business opportunities in store” – Mr. Peter Bishop, Deputy Vice Chairman of LCC.   Read More: Dr Baburam Bhattarai’s New VISION […]

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