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This goes out to all viewers from ‘Down Under’. After the success of last year’s Mr & Miss Nepal Australia, the applications will open for the second event on the 1st of Feb till the 29th Feb 2012. The finale is set to take place around July 2012! If you’ve always thought you have what it takes, you want that exposure, that network then go for it. Or think of a reason why you shouldn’t.

United Nepalese Art & Entertainment (UNAE) is back in the pavilion with a bigger event and second consecutive Mr and Miss Nepal Australia on 7th July 2012, Hurstville Entertainment Centre. The single purpose of this contest is to give bigger chances and fairness for people willing to make or making contribution to the community through the social activities. Not only these, but as our recent Mr. Nepal Australia 2011 said 3 B’s: Brain, Beauty and Behavior and Miss Nepal Australia 2011 said: challenging, rewarding and unforgettable experience to achieve in life.

Definitely, beauty pageant are not without their downside but looking at a bigger and better perceptive it has owned its own indulgence in todays world. Participants are not only expected to have 3 B’s but they are also expected to be brave to express themselves and their mind to public, not only to win the contest but be brave on loosing the contest as well.

After a grand success of Mr. and Miss Nepal Australia 2011 by UNAE and contribution towards Nepalese / Australia society from Mr. and Miss Nepal Australia 2011 (Mr. Dharmaraj ADHIKARI & Miss Reecha DHITAL) there is an opportunity knocking on your door to prove yourself who you are!

Mr Nepal Australia 2011 (Dharmaraj Adhikari) said “Things may not be apparent immediately but its the reality, I have always been working on helping people either professionally or socially and achieving the title has helped me to come forward in society and help within the society. I have provided leadership in preserving Nepalese Culture in Australia and also have organizing light festival in twelve different parts of sydney. I also have fully supported and hosted the the program Visit Nepal 2011 which was completely a promotional program to highlight culture, tradition of Nepal in foreign land. Not only this, i am also organizing a charity based cruise program on 11th February to support Special Olympics Nepal, a world wide organisation helping people with intellectual disability to discover new strengths and abilities, skills and success to achieve their personal best.”

Miss Nepal Australia 2011 (Reecha Dhital) said “I am a Nepal lover as a whole and also have keen interest in social work. Post event, I have attended many cultural programs and also organized a blood donation program, created a blog and working on making it a visual dictionary of nepalese culture and lifestyle and am also working on organizing an art exhibition consisting of Nepalese culture and traditions. Overall, my great success lies on knowing many nepalese dignities as I was very much unaware about the various existing Nepalese societies but now I have come more closer to them and have experienced more diversified Nepalese culture than experienced even in Nepal.

Now, here comes the time where you can prove yourself in different category . First round being a costume & introduction round where you show your braveness on sharing what you feel (beauty and behavior) , Second round proving your talent, where you show your talent to all the audience and let them know what you’ve got, Third round being an intense Question and Answer round where you can prove yourself as a smart person with a smart brain. So why miss the chance and regret in future. So please hurry up and summit your application form today in following address.

United Nepalese Arts & Entertainment Pty. Ltd.
PO Box 412, Granville, NSW 2142

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Lex Limbu
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