LOOT Brings in 1 Crore 67 Lakhs!

Naya Nepali film LOOT le chahi Nepali ko goji pakkai lootyo jasto cha. Since the release of the movie roughly two weeks ago on Friday 13th January the movie has managed to do business of over 1 Crore 67 Lakh rupees. This is amazing news for a Nepali film not just because it has become a blockbuster but also due to it’s large appeal to the urban youth who have praised LOOT a lot. The movie finally managed to create somewhat of an impact on the Facebook youth of today. 
QFX Cinemas in Kathmandu reduced the number of screenings for The Darkest Hour due to the unexpected demand for LOOT and this was similar with Gopi Krishna Movies as they ran housefull for the first few days. This ‘Friday 13th Jan’ indeed proved to be lucky for the team of LOOT and the recent release of Agneepath has not had a negative effect as the Bollywood film is not doing as expected in the Kathmandu territory. 

PS. LOOT has atleast TWO SOLD OUT shows in Sydney with many more screenings being added and taking place in several cities around Australia! Sounds amazing right?

ALSO LOOT’s estimated budget is believed to be approximately 35-40 Lakhs

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