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You may have read a post on lexlimbu.com previously about the lack of integration between the Gurkhas and the English residents of Aldershot. Well a group of people have come together to form United Rushmoor, literally a group that began on Facebook that now are on their way to forming a United Rushmoor Football club. Their efforts to build a single community for all the residents of Rushmoor has also been featured by the BBC. 
United Rushmoor has set aims to achieve the integration and understanding between the different groups of people in Aldershot by creating events and sports teams and organising social activities that will help build cross community cohesion. Their first event ‘Best of Both’ takes place this Saturday on 4th February at The Kings Centre, High Street Aldershot where the day will be dedicated to exhibiting what the UK and Nepali cultures have to offer. Food, music, crafts, dance – you name it.

Another good news is that the first training for the United Rushmoor football team comprising of English and Nepali youths will take place on the 12th February and will be managed by Rich Cooper, Prasant Thapa and Billy Davies.
If you are from the Rushmoor area and would like to encourage, share or be involved in United Rushmoor events then you can access more information by clicking the links below.
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