Toronto Nepali Film Festival Program

The third Toronto Nepali Film Festival will return on Saturday 17th March at Innis Town Hall, University of Toronto in Canada. TNFF showcases films that pertain to Nepal and is open to filmmakers from all over the world. So if you’re reading this and are quite an avid filmmaker then why not submit your work next year! The festival is organised with the goal of promoting Nepal’s rapidly emerging and vibrant independent filmmaking and adding a distinctive voice of Toronto’s film and cultural landscape. 

The narratives of the selected films go beyond the borders of Nepal.
Buried in Tears focuses on a rock band called Stop Crackdown in South Korea
consisting of band members from Burma, Nepal, Indonesia and Korea. Saving Dolma
follows the case of Dolma, a Nepali woman sentenced to death in Kuwait, convicted of
killing a fellow domestic worker. Identity brings forth story of migration from the voices of
Nepali and Filipino immigrants in Toronto. The program while being specific to Nepali narratives, there are abundant universal themes of living dreams, human resilience, loss and environment.Audience Choice Award and Jury Choice Award carrying a monetary value will be announced at end of the festival.

Buried In Tears
Buwega Maanatuna (The Spinner of Flights)
Hanuman Airlines
Journey to Yarsa
Khushi Bhaneko (A Thing Called Happiness)
Ma Khushi Chu (I Am Happy)
Saving Dolma
Team Nepal

I would love to watch all of the films. A similar event took place last year in London, Himalaya Film and Cultural Festival and it was a great event which really promoted Nepali culture and the way of life as majority of the audience were made up of non-Nepalis. If we want to get ourselves, our work and our country’s name out there festivals are the way forward. 

TNFF – Group Page

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