Max C London

Max C is a London based clothing brand started by few Nepali’s back in 2007 which has certainly took off big style. Max C clothes are retailed in stores around the world from Europe, Japan, the States and even in Nepal! The collection by Max C London is proving to be a big hit with the fashion magazines from the UK as Max C has been featured on More, Grazia, Heat magazine countless times already!

The young team behind the brand work from their store in Oxford Street, London where they create the sketches and send it off for production in China. Premila van Ommen shares that the beginning was definitely a challenge for the team, but as they say there’s no looking back now as Max C London goes from strength to strength. Celebrities from Britain and the stateside can be spotted wearing Max C London clothing. The OC star Mischa Barton, The Hill’s Lauren Conrad, pop star Sophie Ellix Bexter and many more have flaunted a Max C creation in the past.

I’m quite a stranger when it comes to fashion but I can see that the clothes are affordable, cute and it’s fresh! If you wanna have a browse then click here to access their online site or here for their Facebook

Great going team, I hope millions more get Max C’d 😉

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