It’s Friday!!! Which means, time to celebrate the week gone and maybe watch the new movies on showing. KATHMANDU has finally released in Nepal today! The movie has been directed by Akash Adhikari and also stars him! I’m not too sure whether Kathmandu will receive similar responses that LOOT did but one will only know in the next few days when hordes of Facebook statuses and movie reviews will make their way on the wider web!
Kathmandu is about… Kathmandu, it’s simple as that. The movie focuses on a Nepali returning back from the US. Filming took place in the US as well as in Nepal and Kathmandu has already had screenings take place in different cities in the US already! Aside from that there are several non-Nepali actors in the movie as well as Bollywood singer Kailash Kher singing the title track ‘Kaaaaathmandu’. The movie boasts being made by a ‘red’ camera, apparently it’s quiet hi-highhh quality! Maybe now we’ll see all the wrinkles and what not. I joke! 
I’m eagerly awaiting comments from you guys and girls! Coz you guys speak the honest truth, more than me… sometimes. Send your comment reviews!

Kailash Kher sings Kaathmandu!

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  1. Money wasted!! i don’t recommend you all to watch this movie it will be just a waste of time..Camera ma bhanda actor ra acting ma focus garnu ni Sh**ty actors and Sh*tty direction m sure..

  2. i hate dis movie..dis is not wat katmandu is all about..sex,drug n all cha hola tara jasto yo movie ma dhekhako cha testyo sasto chai chaina hola…ani i dont think testyo dhoti tune ma english bolney ra kathmanduuuuuuu dhoti tune ma kasaile ni bandaina hola….kathmandu lai ramro banako ho ki naramro banauna khojeko ho …tyo abo audience bujnu …

  3. Judging from the trailer, looks like a pretty shitty movie. Looks quite pakhe really. lol. And sex,lies,drugs and crimes for a story line? How original. Does not even fit the title of the movie. Really? This is what kathmandu is about? I thought every city has this anyway. Pssssh.

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