Prachanda’s Mansion Has Table Tennis Room

So the news that Maoist leader Prachanda moved into a new lavish ”mansion” in Lazimpat is not only creating headlines nationally but has also been covered extensively by who but India and the UK. Few other countries too… I won’t be too mean. The move was made citing security reasons and his new humble abode has 15 rooms, parking for more than a dozen cars and even a table tennis room

When I read ‘table tennis room’, I was like oh a tennis court?? I’m sure it’s just a spare room with a table tennis in it right? Like who has a ROOM for table tennis? Sounds very amusing. Just call his house a big house with many rooms. It’s far from a stereotypical ‘mansion’ which would probably have a swimming pool, gym and a garden big enough to host a wedding. Nonetheless, many aren’t happy with his move as the ‘mansion’ costs a staggering 800 GBP per month! 

One question is, what type of house did Prachanda live in before? I must’ve been naive as I expected him to live in such type of house previously. What are your thoughts about this? Slightly confused as to whether his new mansion has a swimming pool and a badminton court or not as The Telegraph suggests it has.

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Lex Limbu
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  1. people deserve the politicians they get. I am guessing everyone’s gonna go through a nice little blame game, nothing like the good’ol ‘tailey garda’ shit.

  2. Nepal ko daro gheche jasto cha & Nepal ko bhaag india lai bechera daro kamayeko yesto janta haru lai ta paap lagera kahile pani sukha na milos baru tetro paisa le rojgari harulai kaam dilaye kati ramro hunthiyo naam pani rahanthiyo anyway at the end of the day truth never hide and there is an expression: “What goes around, shall comes around.”

  3. yo prachande le k garo ko hola…desh bikash garnu sakeko bhaye(well he deserves) but desh bikash nai gare ko choina kina yetro thulo bangla ma bashne..

  4. Hajarau nepali ko gharbar ujadera. Kati mhailadid bhaini ko siudo khali parera kati balbachha lai thuro parera. aru le dukha garera kamyaeko sampati jabarjast hdapera haina bhanea hatyyya garera kamayeko sampati ma yo aba moj gardai chha tara tesari kamayeko dhan le kati din khusi huna sakchhas ukhan nai chha nee bhaira jatee jooth bole panee man ko bhagwan lai kaile jooth bolna sakdiana tsaile eslai ta kati jana ko ashu ko paap lagne chha.Edi Nepal ko nai bhalo chahane ho bhane yo chor le nai bhaneko thiyo past ma ke neta haru mhango gade chadera hidne bhanera ja afai nai esto bilasi jiwan bitairaheko chhha. hey Murkha Nepali haru aba ta yo chor horu ko niyat buja ra Nepal lai bachaune kosis garum ajai pane eni haru ko nai sathh didai gayo bhane ek din Nepal bokmari ko bhumari ma fasne chha ra WEorls kai sabai bhanda porrest country hunechha. Aba pane Nepali janta ko ankha khulena bhane eni haru le Desh lai dubai chhadne chhan.

  5. here is only about maoists leader what about other leader too who are swiming in corruptiuon money n wealth 😀 and what about ganendra his palace. for being a politician he atleast deserve a nice place to live secure and so on 😀

  6. these politicians are making hell out of our beautiful nepal….no electricity,no running water ….but neeta haru maison ma basnee ..tiniharu lai laj lagdai na

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