The Return to Nepal

Recently a premiere screening took place in Kathmandu for the documentary ‘This is Nepal’, the documentary is based on the Farkeka Nepali’s from Germany and Australia! Five of them to be specific, and it show’s their journey, the challenges they faced and the struggles they overcame to establish themselves and their own business in diverse sectors such as agriculture, health, alternative power solutions etc.

I’m sure for the many of us bideshi Nepali’s, This is Nepal can be quite an inspiring watch which could maybe inspire us to take the steps taken by these five individuals to return back to our country. And I guess the ‘Farkeka Nepalis’ are also an example that you don’t have to have a family with an extremely rich background that owns acres of land in Kathmandu in order for you to return. As the documentary drew to an end the panelists which made up of the Farkeka Nepali members discussed how the major concerns were a proper platform for correspondence, family support and money that contributes in motivating people to return to Nepal.

If you’re considering the big return back to Nepal then joining the Farkeka Nepali group on Facebook might be of help. The group consists of members who have returned to Nepal and are now involved in their own businesses etc and members who are considering the move back to Nepal. I hear they also have monthly social gatherings where they talk about their experiences in Nepal, struggles and what not. More of a networking event! Sounds great right?

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Check out a short clip from ‘THIS IS NEPAL’
Lex Limbu
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  1. Real Heroes!! We need more of these people in Nepal…. I am so going back when I am finished with my training in UK!!

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