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Here’s your chance to work at one of the greatest games that the world has known, the London Olympics 2012! The game makes a return to the UK on the 27th July 2012 and will continue till the 12th of August! Following that will be the paralympic games after a few weeks gap. This summer job goes out to everyone over the age of 18 years and is an exciting opportunity for you to work at the prestigious game as a security staff. Aside from full training and SIA provided, you may well possibly be hired to work beyond the Olympic games! The hourly wage also meets the National minimum so that’s another plus point! If you get the job then you will be working for the global security firm, G4S.

You really cannot afford to sit on your back and let time pass! There are currently interviews conducted three times a week in Stratford but don’t stay idle! This will all end soon so now is the time to rush and get yourself out there! Get the CV’s rolling in, get dialling and remember to be at your best on the interview. Be neat, smile, carry the right documents and don’t forget to bring that confidence; this lifetime opportunity awaits you

If you want to be part of the games… have a summer that’s productive where you gain experience and make money then e-mail your CV to:

Alternatively you can call on the number given above for more details! I might apply!!!! It’s all about the moneyyy moneyyy moneyyy!!!

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  1. The official figures that have been released suggest that around 6000 additional people will find jobs by the time the opening ceremony takes place. An additional 3000 people will gain short time roles whilst the games are on.

    The official opening ceremony will be a massive operation therefore lots and lots of new staff members will be required to attend. Being part of the team working on the official opening ceremony would be a wonderful experience.

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