Nepali Art Exhibition in Sydney

We have books, notebooks, computers, Internet, newspapers, TV and many more to gather information in this fast pacing world. Nothing seems to be enough. There are numerous news channels, newspapers and websites providing different knowledge and broadening our horizons. But have we ever thought of people living in rural parts of Nepal, especially the children who get to go schools but get minimal infrastructures and education materials.
Nepal is a developing country and there is still much development required in the field of education especially in the rural parts, which comprises more than 70% of the country. The development is slow and needs much of our support. If we don’t do it, who will?????? Its our motherland after all.
Many of us get books, read and put them away when we are finished. We have daily newspapers at our doorsteps and are thrown to trash within few days, but life is much more complicated in the rural parts of the country. Many don’t get to go schools, as they are busy helping their family with their household works. Those fortunate ones who get to go to school don’t even get to read their course books due to lack of resources and lack of materials available to them. In comparison with the students of private schools they can hardly meet the same standard. Such is the gap in the education system. This is where “Moti community library” of Parbat plays major role towards school and library project through its charity and community activities. They have already established 140 libraries in public schools of that district and still moving ahead to create 197 more, of which the targeted number this year is 29. To name few schools looking for support are:
Shiva primary school, Shankapokhari
Kalika primary school, Devisthan
Deurali Primary School, Shikarkot Taklak
Mahendra primary school, Shikarkot, Tilahar
Matribhumi primary school, Ranipani
With the view of providing continuity to this program I, Reecha Dhital along with United Nepalese Arts & Entertainment (UNAE) have initiated arts exhibition here in Sydney, Australia on Saturday, 24th March 2012. The art exhibition offers paintings from Australia based talented Nepalese artists promoting Nepal and its culture through arts and supporting the Community Library in Parbat. The event promotes Nepalese culture in foreign land, encourages hidden talents and also creates fund for charity. The program is charity based and will involve 5 artists with their versatile paintings. Your presence will help us support the noble cause.
Brief overview of the program
Date         :24th of March Saturday
Time         : 11 am to 6 pm
Venue      :Consulate building 155 Miller Street North Sydney.
Artists    : Reecha Dhital, Tekendra Limbu, Rupesh Mijar, Ameen Mohammad and Angel Shrestha.
Ticket      : $10
For further details please call Reecha Dhital on 0466602386, Dharma Raj Adhikari 0413494707, Tekendra Limbu on 0405442735, Bhawana Sanba 0401883058, Shamim Anwar 0403054593 or visit or simply email us on

Great going Reecha! Nice to see the winners pursuing the purpose! And this responsibility is not only down to pageant winners but in order to stop complaining about the lack of progress in our country, we must start acting! Good luck for the event! Lex Supports 😀
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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