Why You Should Watch LOOT!

Could the LOOT fever reach any higher??? The movie which has done extraordinary business is being screened in every corner of the world! Well… not every but you get what I mean! Hong Kong, Denmark, Finland, Australia, USA have been LOOTED and more countries including South Korea, Qatar and UK are yet to witness the magic behind LOOT.

Whilst the promotion is sky high, one must also acknowledge the current trend of Nepali movies being made and compare that to LOOT in order to realise what worked in LOOT which didn’t quite so well for many other productions. LOOT’s not an extraordinary movie, it’s a simple movie… and that’s the things that has worked. 

Below are some fast facts of LOOT made by blogger/beauty queen Samriddhi Rai on her blog

  1. Loot was made with a budget of around 50 lakhs. It raked a total of 2 crore, 55 lakhs as of Friday morning, Febraury 24.
  2. Rs. 13416670 that is 1 crore, 34 lakhs, 16 thousand, 670 rupees was collected in QFX cinemas alone. QFX cinemas started with the inception of Jai Nepal in 2001 and now runs its uber popular movie theatres from 3 locations in Kathmandu. But you know that by now already right?
  3. QFX had to take off Agneepath and another English movie to screen Loot because of its high demand.
  4. For many days in the first week of screening Loot, in many halls there was 100% occupancy by male audience only. Young guys who came to watch the movie in their bikes to be precise.

Check out a parody video made purely for entertainment by these girls who are high on LOOT fever!! Remember, you can catch LOOT in UK! Aldershot/London/Ashford. More info? Click Here!

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