1 WEEK Till LOOT Hits Aldershot!

There’s only 1 WEEK till the screening of one of the biggest Nepali blockbuster LOOT takes place in Aldershot (UK) on the 10th of March!!! Keep calm and count the days down! If you haven’t got your tickets yet then there’s only a handful standard tickets left so get buying soon. Word of advice from me, do come early! Since the tickets do not give you a specific seat, it’s better to come early and comfortably find seats of your own choice next to your friends. The movie will run strictly on time from 3PM till 5.30PM so please arrive by 2.30PM at the least. There’ll be plenty of photos taken and videos recorded so dress to impress. ;P

The movie is open to viewing for anyone above the age of 16 or over so please do bring your photo identification to avoid any jhamela and unfortunately LOOT is not subtitled in English. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. To get your hand on a ticket ring 07411189665 (DIPESH RAI). 

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  1. OMG, isn’t this exciting??!! A film screened here in Aldershot that NO INDIGENOUS residents can understand a word of!!! …………………so that’s how integration happens, is it?

  2. I find this deeply offensive. If I move my family to Nepal will they have special screenings of English films for us to go to?

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