Nisha and Sahana – The Photo Controversy

 O’ the joys of being famous.

Actress Nisha Adhikari and media personality Sahana Bajracharya are probably the two most talked about Nepali celebrities at the moment thanks to the recent ”photo controversy” that took place at the success bash of LOOT in Kathmandu. With a click of a button you will be able to view what really happened though we might not really understand why it had to happen. Nisha surely looks ready to attack, the way she pounces on the journalist Anup Bhattarai is quite something. I believe there’s more to this then what we are seeing, maybe the actress had been troubled by this particular journalist for a while now. Leaping in the middle is the ‘good friend’ Sahana ready to save the day. However Sahana who is seen trying to snatch the camera off Anup has come under much criticisms for her action.


When I first watched the video, I was quite shocked to see what was unfolding but it instantly made me wonder why this was really happening – come on… these figures are used to being photographed all the time; one needs to be photographed and talked about in such profession. Maybe Nisha wasn’t having a good day and her request for photos to be not taken resulted in her verbal with Anup Bhattarai… maybe not. Thanks to the rising number of magazines/newspapers/entertainment websites, I believe it’s not long till tabloid culture will kick off in Nepal, the culture when soon celebrities will be more talked about what they’re wearing/drinking, who’s house they were leaving and where they were shopping.. basically the blurring of one’s privacy. We’ve seen that in Hollywood and Bollywood, it only makes sense for Nepal to go through that phase soon. And I shall say again, film sites such as which Bhattarai is believed to work for are more of a tabloid gossip websites, for them capturing what’s not to be captured is their aim. Hopefully our celebrities will learn to stay super composed at such times and always remember that this is the price of fame.

”WHAT HAPPENED?” – That was the question I asked Sahana Bajracharya, in her very own words, this is her version of the incident:

“I am sharing why I got involved in the scene and nothing from Nisha’s perspective.

Nisha arrived after me at the event. She requested Anup Bhattarai not to click pictures of her. I inquired if everything was okay and not to give much attention to such reporters. She then disappeared for sometime and I kept looking for her. She returned after 12-15 minutes. She told me that she went to the restroom to get rid of the same reporter who kept hovering around and flashed his camera right on her face. ( he did this in front of me and to me as well)

We were standing in front, facing the stage. The seats were not enough for all of us. The reporter approached, close to us and flashed again. Nisha once more, told him not to click picture or write false news on her on his website. The people around noticed and the ones seated in front offered us the seat. He still kept staring at us but we ignored until he came close and tried clicking our low angle pictures. This is when Nisha stood up from her seat in rage. It got louder so even I got up, but not to snatch the camera but to pull Nisha back and mellow down the scene ( watch the video carefully). But when the reporter verbally abused us, I snapped and tried to put his camera down.


This is what happened. Even a celebrity has a right to her privacy. If he/she requests anyone from anyone to NOT shoot any picture, the later should step back. This is violation of fundamental right. But at the same time, it was not right for me top try to snatch his camera but the harassment was too much for me to tolerate. Though it was not on me, but I wouldn’t sit down and watch my friend in trouble.

But if we are talking about the right and the wrong, it is definitely not right for any journalist to drink or eat while on duty. This reporter was drinking and constantly bugging us. We weren’t the only celebrities there.

Sadly, the full footage has been edited in a biased way and made viral. If it was a publicity stunt, I would have done it long ago.” – Sahana Bajracharya

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  1. Omg Nepali actress kO pani yetro ghamanda !! Sale tiyo patraka pani choto Kapada lagayekO mauka chopera bhitra samma khichna khajdaecha hahaha

    • Nepali actress ko apamaan garchas??? Incident spot pani nepal nai ta hi ni…k red carpet ma vako jasto lagyo??? Patrakar haru hero vanthancha aaflai…patrakar ko photo khichna paunu right ho vane celebs ko pani afno rights chaina??? Request gare pachi ni k pachi laai ra ta jatho patrakaar…laat hanthe ma vako vaye ta…respect women…please

  2. that is not the way to deal being a public figure be the reason whatsoever , they act like they’re kate moss standard . they need to learn being in discipline first and then teach others ..nepali actresses ta ho .

  3. I really don’t understand why some people are saying these girls don’t have manners and stuffs like that,well come on they’re too human beings even they get distracted just like us when some one tries to do the things which we don’t like.
    I’m sure that guy was annoying them at the first place and only then both of them reacted.
    They are not trying to show attitude btw..if you think so then prolly you’re the one who has got the attitude not them .

  4. loot ko actor haru teshi hit ma with 10 lakhs for next movie but nisha a still who the fuck is she naam kamauna ta kei garnai paryo… n bitch is talking abt public decent where she left her’s????? go away bitch wash ur face nepalese boys are not in u

  5. Malai comment lekhna man nai thiyena but video herepachee Nisha n Shana ko kei galti maile dekhene. Nepali patrakar haru ko naramro behaviour maile dekhe Photo kichnu chha thikai chha but photo kichne pane euta tarika hunchha ra edi kunai pani celebraity le request garda gardai pane jabar jasti photo kichne tyo partkar chai dosi lagyo malai ra patrakar ho bhandai ma bolne saili panee sudharnu paryo. Shana lai eklai parera kasto attck gareko sabai janale. Wow yo nai ho sayad ganatantra bhaneko n Nepali patrakar sucks i hate them especialyyy glamour fild ko. Ani sabai le kina tyo dui jana lai matrai dosh dekheko hola. Video ramro sanga hernus ra comment garnuss.

  6. sala manner navaako vaye request garna parthyo ra…sidai jhapad haneko vaye ta galti nakhich vanera req gare pachi pani khichne ani ajhai kasari without manner hul nai pachi lagera thado thado kura gareko…???bhattrai le nisha lai choko chaina hare ,, he is f**king pushing her…damn mannerless idiot…i hate patrakar vanauda haru

  7. Fck all this….Gandhi budaa le bhaneko ko thikai raichha…” Eh geda haru, an eye for eye makes the whole world blind!!!” people commenting without using their senses..Shut up and make peace!!! Both sides committed their own mistakes…Now shut this hyped issues right NOW!!!

  8. nepal ko patrakarko decency chaina.. rishi dhamala ko chela haru hun sabai.. video pani ekdam biased cha..

  9. LOOT part 2 ko heroines ko role payo nisha ra sahana ley..good luck.. saif khan style publicity..

  10. nisha ra sahana ko plan tiyo i know to get publicity n get a role for LOOT – 2 … i hope they get the role..

  11. I got shocked as well when i viewed the report at the first time. But after reading Sahana’s saying now I can say that it was the mistake of that so called ‘Patrakar’. Frankly speaking I am not fan of neither of them, but now I feel proud of them at least they dared to defend against that ill minded patrakar……

  12. i saw the video through nagariknewsvideo on youtube they havent uploaded the full video. the video just starts before nisha adhikari walks upto the journalist. the video before that point is not shown. celebrities arent the only one who should be decent, disciplined and talk in manner. as we all can see the so called journalist anup bhattarai’s way of talking and behaving with nisha adhikari and sahana was well far from decent and manner.
    Also the so called journalist has no rights to stop nisha adhikari coming down from the stage as she has already said sorry for the act. we can see the mannerless journalist stopping her instead of going upto the mic and asking sahana to say sorry.

  13. Everything aside, all i gotta say is:
    धोतीको जुम्रालाई धोतीमै मार्दा राम्रो होला, दुई कौडीका खातिनीहरूलाई धेरै भाउ दिएपछी यस्तै हुन्छ।

  14. i guess Lex got what he wanted!! a whole lot of hits to his website!! so good going Lex!! but the bottom line is – this shit is being blown out of proportion!! these bitches are sluts – and i’m not just saying it coz’ i’m bitter or something – i will swear on my mother, my father, or anyone! jharna is a gold digger!!! every one knows that!! and so is nisha… people who know the KTM social scene know the real deal!! ask the people who know Lex!!

  15. This is what happens when no class girls enter IN THEIR OWN CELEBRITY STATUS MINDZONE! He was clearly doin his job,and common what’s the bid deal abt it? Aren’t they already conditioned as a prop to be photographed everytime. Feel sorry for the journalist. Suggestion: Don’t ever take pics of those junk faces anymore, when their google pics start to decrease, they’ll call u =)

  16. Media Photographer ko taal testo hunchha..?? He was trying to take low angle shots which is so clear. Aruko tesko najik gayera closeup liney tyo pani compact camera le..? tesko mukh nai chor jasto chha…ani pacchi tei photo lai media ma publish garera celebrity lao harass gachhan yeniharu le..its already kinda tradition.
    Standard nai chhaina…aauta le garera sabai journalists ko bejjet.

    Keep the media sector clean..remove the shits like Anup Bhattarai.

    Thanks Lex for sharing. 🙂

  17. Yes!!! they are celebrities. They both represented Nepal in the international pageants and are renowned nepali models. So you guys have no right to question their credibility. Afu sita himat cha jau na media ma kaam garna…computer pachadi basera criticize garda just shows ur stupidity. Tisari react garna takes alot of courage. Ma testo situation ma bhayeko bhe i would have seriously punched that mannerless Bhattarai. I applaud both of their courage and I am happy that Nepal ma ni there are bold celebrities.

  18. Lado chikne randi haru ko k pic kichnu pareko hau pheri ek jana … Patrakar manubhav ..Ji lai . tyo ni ajai celeb re ?? Hahhaa … LMAO..!!! F**kin cheap … Celebs

  19. there are other beautiful celebrities in nepal …cchhii these have no class no offence i like zenisha ,sanyukta ,ayusha and sneha very classy they only deserve the high celebrities level .

  20. affulai lai models bhanchan jpt garchan harey hera gati ..haha ballai ho ,,,malai chai ayusha sarai gajab lagcha haha

  21. Watching this video made me chuckle n then annoyed at same time. Forget about level of professionalism here, look at dat tiny ass point n shoot camera dat so called journalist is carrying. If he could just zoom in, there would have been no need to get so close n make female actress uncomfortable. Many of you don’t understand dat females do get uncomfortable when someone esp creep hovers around in their comfort zone. Sure, actresses here or celebrity or i dunno what exactly they r, but they r also at fault for not being able to hold their cool. But this migget is like little cry baby and demanding apogoly solely by exerting pressure of masses of so called roudy journalist. The 1st gal did apologized realizing her mistake , but migget is still whining for apology from 2nd gal. Wtf is wid showing repeatition of same angle to prove migget didnot touch the female. I m not convinced migget didnot touch her. But it doesnot matter as you get sense of baisedness from the person reporting n it clear wat they wanted to show. I m just surprised dat video is someway linked wid nagriknews. Usually i have some respect for them not in this case.
    Apology comes from realization of mistake and you cannot beg for it. If i were in dat females shoes i would have probably bitch slapped dat migget n then say sorry if dat would hav pleased his heart.

  22. ugly pussies. chiiiii. yasto bhalu haru ko kina pic dekhako. pussy ko pic khicnu ni pardaina. yasto chadai sex tape aaihalcha ni. chya kasto fateko pussy ko photo nakhicum patrakar mahodaya. bhalu talai chiknu pugeko chaina jasto cha.

  23. who the fuck are these gals? are they celbreties? wat have they be counted as celebtraties.. both dumb talent, are they actress are they model who are they??? are they trying to get famous? sahana i think she is not able to get rich guys these days to fulfill her needs thats why trying toget attention..and this another gal who so ever she is>>> wats wrongwid her?

  24. It’s because of journalist like Anup, the people in our country is not encouraged to respect the media. It seems Anup himself wanted to always come in the limelight so, he is trying to put up all this stunt. Shame Shame! And it is clearly seen his disrespcct towards women.. SO SHAME ON ANUP even more!

  25. yeso nepali film ko bhalu haru ko pani k photo khichhnu pareko hola, naramro manchheko naramro bebar.

  26. I respect both the celebs. If the girls did this just for publicity, they could have done it way earlier. They don’t have to do this shit to get famous, they are famous already. If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t bother writing shits about them. Don’t try to make this look ugly.

  27. maoarBoth of them are fucking ass… How ppl can lie on the spot… Worst ppl and worst manners!!! Media should always be free and Loot team call media to promote their movie and success and those girls are who don’t want to pose why did them came in front of camera!!!

  28. ChainSaw

    1.Mailey sansar ma katai pani partrakar lai yesto lajjaspad tarika le hepeko dekheko chaina.Nepal ma matra yo issue lai dui jana keti haru le escalate garera aafnu khutta ma aafai bancharo hanyo!

    2.Agressive angle bata photo kichna rokna mildaina thiyo.Ki ta Dhoti ra saree lagayera aaunu paryo,Natra choto choto luga pani lagauney?ani mero nango tighra ko photo khichyo bhanera complain pani garney?

    3.Yiniharu dubai jana le yesai pani aafnu samasta sharir hajar choti dekhai sakeka chan.Kahiley bikini lagayera,kahiley Lingerine lagayera.aarko bicharo euta patrakar le ali kiti agressive angle bata phot kichda k nai naulo kura hunthyo ra?

  29. ..ya the reporter seems more manner less…but the matter was not so serious that the actresses had to come media to apologies its shameful ..and obvious that media made them do this…and nepali actress ko chahi kina bhau nahunu ni…they r also acting…they r giving their time of life to act…not the mere 1 min to comment..NEPALI ACTRESS KO PANI YESTRO BHAU…

  30. hey jaatho patrakar….ta ni media maa aais hoina!! startin maa tei patrkaarko galti cha..foto khichney dhhanga tesko…actressko face ko foto liney ki miniskrtko??? khattaa handai rakhnu parney saley lai!! kt haru ley maafi magna parney baadhye baanyo…hero vayo jaatho!! aba promotion hola tero tara tailey tero galti kailey suikaarney chainas…dhikkaar cha tero life!!!

  31. kura modelko sexy foto liney maa simit thiyena tya…kura thiyo journalistko kharaab niyat maa, kharab approach maa, unprofessional behaviourmaa..all causaulties started frm there!! PS: i dont hate journalists! i respect their contribution towards community, ofcourse not this way!!never!

  32. The reporter did not even touch that Nisha Bitch and she is saying that he touched her LOL Sahana was listening to Nisha as if the rule was made by the Government! Fucking Bitches!

  33. When I at first commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” check box and now each time a remark is added I get 3 e-mails with the exact same remark. Exists any means you can eliminate individuals from that service? Thank you!
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