SHOWDOWN – New Year Party

Kicking off the promotions for the upcoming Nepali New Year 2069 on is The Signaturee Crew with their New Years event titled; SHOWDOWN at Club Oceana in Kingston. After we’ve seen what they’re capable of from The Show and the fun’tastic NEON, this is no doubt expected to be a big night for the Nepali party prowlers.The New Years event also comes with a sparkling fireworks display! You’ll be hearing the BOOM loud and clear in this bombastic party! Music by DJ CVA and DJ SURAJ will religiously go live at 10PM on the dot and will only stop at 6AM early next morning. That’s plenty of time to arrive for all the Nepali Timing fans and also gives you hours to dance your hips away.
We all know buying drinks at certain clubs in London could be a shocking experience, therefore the team have tried to get the best deal for you. Any shots/beers/singles will only set you back £3.00 whilst doubles will range from £5.50-6.00. Ladies, you all can enjoy free entry till 11PM so do take advantage of this offer. 



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