Hello Sarkar is Working!

Statistics show that Hello Sarkar is definitely working! The service which has been in operation for four months now has received a staggering 4,600 complaints of which 30% has been addressed or solved. Complaints made by the public range from corruption, illegal matters to national policy issues. Though the figure does not cross 50%, it is still a great sign that the voices of the public are being heard through this service which was launched by DR Baburam Bhattarai in early November 2011.

Wanna complain about something? Traffic? A pot-hole? Electric cable lines… well don’t just write it on a Facebook status or tweet about it; ring 1111 to lodge a complaint or you can send a text to the same number.

PS. Don’t forget to start with ”Hello Sarkar” 😛

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  1. कोरियाको लागि योग्य भएर ३ बर्षदेखी रोस्टरमा रहेका ६५ सय नेपाली युवाको बिचल्ली भो,सरकारी विश्वाशमा उनिहरुले गरेको रुपैयाको खर्च, मेहनत र धैर्य माथि आन्यय भयको छ, नेपाल सरकार, ति युबा माथि भयको आन्यय कोरिया सँग कुटनितिक पहल गरी समाधान गर्नु, अन्यथा पारीणाम भयाबह हुन सक्छ, सर्बोच्चो अदालत मा रिट हाल्दा नयाँ कोरियाको कोटा लाई समस्या हुन सक्छ

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