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Even while working, my boyfriends expected me to return home early, act like a housewife. As a matter of fact, they were stricter than my family. Eventually, I dumped them. – Malvika Subba

Read the full interview on WAVE Magazine! Malvika Subba turns reporter as she interviews four leading women of the moment, Nisha Adhikari, Indira Joshi, Malina Joshi, Sumina Rai Karki! Have to say that Miss Subba is indeed looking pretty fine in the photo above.

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  1. Well the concept of housewife .. should come to an end soon otherwise less and less girls will actually commit to relationships … let’s face it work should not be divided by gender but by who has time to do it … i mean in the end we’re all the same anyone can cook clean and do laundry its just the matter of taking time to do it 🙂


  3. Umm Nisha, Indira, Malina Joshi we all know them but who is this Sumina Rai Karki?? and lex you have written leading women of the moment lolzz who is she? never heard of her..

  4. With attitude like that i am afraid you will have to keep dumping your boyfriends till you officially become a whore. I think being a housewife is certainly better than being called a whore. Well i am by no means a sexist but any woman can atleast try to manage time between a job and a family. What kind of woman would not want to cook for her man??? Or maybe i am just old fashioned.

  5. She ain’t sayin she won’t cook for her family,,and she didn’t even said that she won’t manage time for em, it just that her boyfriend and her boyfriend family doesn’t understand her and her work..in her profession there are times when she will be late from work and her bf and his family being mad about being late, nd expect her to be back home on give time zzz how a man would feel if women doesn’t understand his job and keep nagging about it and expect him to be back home before his job hours is finished and plz breaking up with boyfriend doesn’t make one whore.. It it does than I guess almost each and every person in this world is whore and manslag …. Oh and why should women have to cook all the time , can’t a man do housework when women is busy, and if a woman should cook for her in-law and feed them like a child than shouldnt a man do same for his in- law aswell .

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