Suma at Women in the World 2012

16 Year old Suma Tharu recently took part by singing a song that spoke of her struggle as a Kamlari at the Women in the World summit to mark the International Women’s Day in New York city. Inspiring figures to activists such as Angelina Jolie, Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep made up of the audience at the Lincoln Center. Though the selling of daughters into indentured servitude is outlawed in Nepal, it is still common in poor, rural areas for families who desperately need the income. Suma suffered the same fate that thousands of other young girls are facing in Nepal, however thanks to Room to Read, Suma was rescued and now lives with her family and has access to education.

Suma shares her story through this powerful song and talks to ABC News’ JUJU CHANG on how life is after being rescued and what she hopes to do in the future.

Watch live streaming video from womenintheworld at

Watch live streaming video from womenintheworld at

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Want to help? Room to Read is helping rescued Kamlari—and the hundreds of millions of girls like them living in developing countries—get an education. Support girls through Room to Read today.
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  1. Tho flash player couldn’t play the video properly i enjoyed it .Its such a great feeling that a gal from that rural area has given the opportunity not only for her own education but to represent our country like that.Well done Suma ! i hope your dreams comes true.

  2. the lady in the blue sari is my aunt.I’m so proud of her.Thank you for uploading this news Lex:)

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