Govnt To Fund Prachanda’s Sons Everest Expedition

Now hoping to scale the Everest in an adventure of a lifetime is Prachanda’s son Prakash Dahal alongside a 11-member team consisting of several figures from the maoist group and even Prachanda’s former personal security guard on the 29th of March. Well I guess one has to take caution if in-case a yeti strikes! Jokes apart the serious matter here is why the Government has decided to provide Nrs 20 Million for the team.

This is a joke for much of the Nepali citizens, thank goodness our finance minister Ram Sharan Mahat feels the same way, he describes this decision as ”looting state coffers” and further argues by saying should the government provide such amount of money to every expeditions being carried out by Nepali teams?

The expedition is named Lumbini – Sagarmatha Peace Mission and I guess, it’s done as part of promotions for Visit Lumbini Year 2012. Hmm so fellow readers and passer-bys, if you could ask the government or the PM to better something in your chowk or community what would it be? How could this Nrs 20 Million be utilised better?

UPDATE: The Lumbini – Sagarmatha Peace Mission 2012 will not accept Nrs 20 Million funding from the Government following a wide-scale backlash. This was announced in a press meet organised on Sunday afternoon in Kathmandu. Good thing is that the mission will still go ahead! One of the points which a speaker makes at the conference was, why is no one bothered about what other political leaders sons and daughters are doing and why is there so much bias on Prakash Dahal.

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  1. A donation to facilitate the expedition is always a nice gesture. But 2 crore, firstly where does this money come from in an impoverish land like Nepal, and a donation at this value for this activity is called bribery.

  2. I agree with the comments made above. 2 million is just a bit too much and we want to know where the money is coming from?

  3. Prachanda has a mansion, tennis court, swimming pool and now this. Why the hell would we give our tax money to one person just to climb the Everest. It would be well spent if they created projects and donated for the betterment of the Nepali citizen. I think it would be better if he gave his own money for the expedition. That will show more balls. There are people that need the money.

  4. Bias??? Hahahaha… That’s what happens If u are the son of most famous asshole in the country… Thank goodness for social media, every Nepalese can speak now… We definitely have been heard… It’s more like a joke, 2 million can do so much… Mukh ma ram ram bakali ma chura bhaneyko yehi ho.., Janata lai daar ra trass ley post ma ayeko manchey bata k expect garney???

  5. children of other politicians are at least not using direct taxpayer money on some high mountain adventure trip. besides how is drafting constution and climbing a mountain even remotely related.

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