Chapali Height WOWS Producers!

The latest Nepali release that’s set people running to the cinemas has turned out to be CHAPALI HEIGHT. From the trailer, I don’t think one expected Chapali Height to create such an impact but then again, who can question the power of sex. And Chapali Height has shown just that as it’s successfully managed to ignore much of the mixed to very negative reviews that’s making the rounds and sell – alcohol/nudity/sex to the hundreds of youths that made their way to the cinemas on Friday and Saturday.

In just two days the film has covered it’s cost as it grossed approximately Nrs 70 Lakh rupees. This figure is no joke! The low-budget movie made at a modest cost of Nrs 27 lakhs does not star any big names but has successfully catapulted Beenita Baral, Amir Gautam and Raj Ghimire into Nepali cinema. So why has Chapali Height worked so well? One answer that the actress gives is ‘entertainment, entertainment, entertainment’ in a true Dirrty Picture manner.

Now whether Chapali Height will continue it’s rise at the cinemas beyond the weekend is something that’s on everyones mind. However, the actors and producers can be happy that the movie is already somewhat of a blockbuster – breaking opening day records (surpasses opening collection for LOOT), replacing LOOT in Pokhara, highest opening till date in Pokhara (3 Lakhs 20 Thousand).

I guess the photoshop controvery that surrounded Beenita Baral must’ve surely done the trick to add mileage to the movie. But guys’ aside from business talk  = how was the movie? I have had people commenting saying ”I would like a refund from the director, including the price I paid for the popcorn and drinks”. AMUSING.

Below is a short excerpt from the movie review by The Himalayan Times

The major fault lies in the storyline that doesn’t make any sense. Another blunder is poor characterisation — you don’t understand the characters well. You are confused most of the time the movie is running. Bini’s character has been portrayed as someone cheap. The movie is predictable except for the climax.
The story revolves around the three characters — Raj, Amir and Bini and the actors, new faces on the scene, have not showed great acting skills. They lack energy and tend to look artificial. Nevertheless, they are bold enough to kiss and get on with the lovemaking scenes.
So, the only exciting bits of the movie are the bold and steamy scenes which have been used to stretch the movie to the fullest. But frankly, these scenes are not really needed.
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  1. eww @ their facial expressions. did the people go to watch the movie for the cringe factor? i’m sure there were plenty:)

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