Shakira NOT Performing in Nepal

News spread fast that Columbian singer-songwriter Shakira was to perform in Nepal this September in Tundikhel after Annapurna Post published the report. The paper claimed the event had been confirmed by Mr Shimant Gurung of ODC Network however after seeking confirmation from the CEO of ODC Network, Suresh Jung Rayamajhi has said that ODC Network are not bringing Shakira. Mr Rayamajhi also added that Mr Shimant is no longer part of ODC Network. 

Hmmm… well this super sad update came through after an e-mail was sent by me to Mr Rayamajhi. Let’s hope this news rests in peace here… Wait, does that mean someone else might bring Shakira…

Apologies all.

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  1. Sakhira is not performing in Nepal cuz ODC Network is not doing and its in there official facebook page. The Guy who runs Simol cafe in Durbarmarg and who is also well known scam master in the town clams to bring sakhira in coming September or October so he can collect money in advance and Run out of the country. And i heard Simant Gurung was never part of odc network but a guy like “rishi Dhamal” who likes to be in picture with celebrities and well known people to catch up media attention. Please do not fall for scam cuz people believes news media publishes and i hope this site do this correction immediately and save people from being in Scam and loose money.

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