Launch of London Fashion House

Surya Prakash Bhatta, Manisha Dangol Shrestha and Me!

Manisha Dangol Shrestha’s dream came to reality on the 26th March with the launch of her London Fashion House. The upcoming retail fashion house will in the future be a one stop point for designers and trendsetters wishing to wear Nepali clothes with a fusion of modern flares. The launch event was attended by many heads of Nepalese communities of the UK and covered by several media websites including Nepali TV. Chief guests His Excellency Dr Suresh Chandra Chalise inaugurated the launch alongside NRN-UK President Kul Acharya with a speech and a ribbon cutting ceremony. 

More than fifty guests had the privilege of viewing the showroom decked out with models wearing the dhaka collection of London Fashion House. Familiar faces from the Nepalese community including Sabrina Shrestha, Ayesha Shakya, Dhruba Dutta and Pragya Shrestha showcased the designs with a very energetic catwalk. 

To find out more about London Fashion House and how you can get involved (modelling or designing), click here!

PS. Let me know your thoughts on the designs 🙂

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  1. Nepalese prints on some western styles, that’s about it. What’s creative, different and innovative about it? Being a girl myself, I did think about fashion designing at some point and the instant thought was ‘oh nepalese prints.’ You see? Nothing innovative. Too much detail on the 2nd dress. Personally, I just don’t see myself buying any of those dresses.

    P.S. Just an opinion. Don’t accuse it of hate or jealousy.

  2. Hey Lex,I have a request for you.Can you please have more info about Varun sjb Rana, after watching his movie i have totally fallen for him ,but could not get my hand over him lol, and even Google does not seems to work in this case.please something like interview or anything just got to be related with him.please,thank you.

  3. beingg realistic who wil buy it????? as a consumer it does not make me attracted or be hungry to wear it. the prints guud colours ok the design no comment

  4. i do think its a very good idea to bring the nepalese style to the western designs. Although the designs i have viewed through the catwalks, seemed quite limited to the events rather than being versatile to wear it in other occasions. if the designers are lookin to bring the nepalese traditional look in london fashion, i believe they ought not to over look the nepalese designs too.there are tons of nepalese designs which could not only shows off the creativity but are more approachable to the nepalese fashion followers. As we know fashion is not just showing others that you are in trend but is making your own trend.

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