Rajesh Hamal & Team Arrive in London

One of the most popular faces of Nepali cinema Rajesh Hamal has finally touched down in London. The maha-nayak was accompanied by popular TV duo Deepak Raj Giri and Deepashree Niraula of Tito Satya and singer Himal Sagar at the London Heathrow airport on Tuesday morning. The personalities have been brought over by Samsara UK to celebrate the Nepali New Year with the diaspora community.

Celebrations will kick-start tomorrow at Ealing Town Hall where these popular faces will be joined by several other musicians including Kranti Ale, Bivek Shrestha and Dipu Gurung for few hours of live music, live comedy and what is expected to be a memorable speech by the legend himself, Rajesh Hamal.

Catch the show live in:
Tickets are £12 on the door. 

The Tito Satya team are also planning to film one episode of the popular show in London featuring Rajesh Hamal. Hope that provides plenty of laughter. Well the event seems very affordable! Are you planning to come?

PS. There is a message behind this tour. We need to stop sending our money to Nepal via illegal transfers such as hundii (though one might get better rates) but start using legal methods such as money transfers = ‘Samsara’. Tadahh!!

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  1. Our own Simon Cowell…hera ta jeans dhandai ghati ma badheko..lol. But Rajesh Hamal jokes are legendary…bigger than Rajnikanth or might I dare say…Chuck Norris!

    -Ek din euta Lamkhutte le Rajesh dai lai tokecha…teen din pachi Lamkhute ‘Hamalaria’ lagera marecha..

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