Astik with his models

23 Year old Astik Serchan is a well known name in the fashion circuit of Nepal. Many who might not be aware of him will probably remember his name after this post. Astik recently launched his flagship store 
‘ASTIK DESIGNS’ in Lazimpat. The rising designer has already showcased his collection at the Kathmandu Fashion Parade, The British School Fashion Show and the current Spring/Summer 2012 design at Ramalaya.

I am liking the collection by Astik Designs. They are simple yet elegant, definitely exudes class. The most recent Spring/Summer collection is quite a step away from the plain designs that have been showcased in the past. If you’ love your fashion and clothes then I guess 
‘Astik Designs’ is a name that you definitely need to keep a close eye on.

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Photo: Sworup Ranjit

Lex Limbu
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  1. dresses are very good but models? hell NO!! well they are pretty but they can’t walk!! what a let down!!

  2. You should all know that show was done by a/for a school and so the models are all school students, who aren’t really models but just kids having fun so….yeah

  3. Its a shame that a designer of that calibre isn’t competent enough to understand that he shouldn’t let school kids ruin his MOMENT!

    Fashion isn’t FUN. Fashion should be taken seriously. I personally don’t like fashion being taken so lightly and executing the event in such an unorganized manner.

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