Hawaijahaja by Cornerstone


I likes!
The song, doesn’t really follow the norm which is probably why it stands out. Aside from that there’s a good-looking duo in the video which obviously makes it a pleasant watch. I’m glad that the male and female model have a contrasting appearance. Previously, there was one particular Nepali music video which had both the models sporting a very ‘Mongol’ appearance, it didn’t take long till people started branding the video ‘Korean’. You can never win. Movin on’, Cornerstone who sings this song Hawaijahaja are based in New York city and the video has been directed by Pracash Chhetri.

What do you think?

Song: Hawaijahaja…

Artist: Cornerstone (Vocal: Mukul Raj Rai, Jimbe: Prabhat Pathak, Lead Guitar: Phuntsog Sunuwar, Bass Guitar: Nawdeep Gurung

Record/Mix :Narayan Malla

Actors: Sushil Dewa Shrestha/Leena Subba

Editor/Director: Pracash Chhetri

A Nep-Yorkers Production Presentation.

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  1. the video’s good, vocal ain’t that bad neither but they lyrics!!! man!! the worst lyrics ever. the point is that the song sucks, sucks real bad

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