Nepalis Unite For Peace

In a typical Nepali fashion the venue for the peace rally changed from Basantapur to Durbar Marg. Fortunately, there was still enough time for the news to spread as hundreds still managed to arrive in Durbar Marg and boy was it a success. Over several hundred people wearing white t-shirt and carrying a Nepali flag participated in this peace rally where people united to show concern of the current political situation. Whilst some were there to mark their attendance for a timely constitution others were there simply with a message ”Gari Khana Deu” (stop the bandhas) and finally it’s was a day to bring together those who believe that peace can be achieved through unity without discriminating others caste or religion.

SADVAB RALLY: The want to live together peacefully without discriminating others caste and religion

Well, if you were there – do share with us regarding how it event.
PS. Did you spot Miss Nepal International Subeksha Khadka and singer Aastha B? Not to forget our very famous world cyclist Pushkar Shah. 
Photo Courtesy Sambandha Pradhan
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  1. Great to see “Gari Khana Deu!” in the pictures. However, just wanted to share that the campaign “Gari Khana Deu!” is just not about “Stop the Bandhas”. It advocates on 3 major issue:
    01. Safety of Life and Property,
    02. Installation of Rule of Law, and
    03. Freedom to enterprise and participate in profession(s) of one’s own choice

    Thank you!

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