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I apologise for the lack of updates on lexlimbu.com. What to do, exams are too critical at this stage. Nonetheless, I have been keeping a close tab on the recent happenings in Nepal. All eyes on Nepal and why shouldn’t it be, as the country heads towards another constitution deadline; I believe things are looking bleak.

Ethnic Federalism

Ke bhanne? Hmm… The Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) have caused quite a disturbance in the past few weeks with several bandhs all over the nation. There have been several other parties involved in various other parts. Their demand is for an identity-based federalism, jatiya rajya as so many comfortably say. Nepal, being a democratic country needs to hear these voices. On one level, I do understand why these demands have surfaced and why the indigenous groups are taking the streets; the suppressed Dalit group, Nepali Muslim population and countless other communities that have been treated far from equal by the wider society. Many are still restricted from receiving a Nepali citizenship. Equality as a goal is very distant, million miles away but one we need to really work on. 

I see hundreds adding Nepal or Nepali on their surnames on Facebook. That’s super, now please put that in practice as well. Next time you see someone slightly darker or speaking their own language, do think twice before you racially stereotype them. We tend to be very castist. Just think about reactions in our wider community regarding inter-caste marriage. Don’t say it doesn’t happen. Now I may be going slightly off-topic here but this ethnic federalism model which has aims to transfer decision making power to the regions directly may sound fine, however the question that lurks in my mind is, are we Nepalis ready to handle an ethnic federal country? Extremist ethnic federalist have surfaced, they’re apparently shouting lines such as: 


Individuals and groups that are saying such slogans may not be representing NEFIN but this surely doesn’t paint a good picture. I view identity-based federalism as further boxing ourselves. Why can we not just work on our present model, our 14 zones and 5 development regions. I wholeheartedly agree that power needs to be decentralised away from Kathmandu. Giving MORE decision making power to authorities of each region who know the problems could do wonders if implemented well, along with giving more importance to those unrecognised by the law. My question is can we not do that without the move for an identity-based state? Several problems have already sprung up as indigenous groups have disputed the current naming of the states. Apparently, this is what is delaying the constitution making process. Buzz on the grapevine is that the government has sought another three months for the constitution making process, seriously. 

Anyways’ that’s my take on what’s happening.

What do you say?

PS. Please do practice being a ‘NEPALI’. So avoid, caste bias and discrimination on the basis of looks etc. 
#PS. Thanks to Ananda K. Maharjan for the title image and Binod Gautam for Mero Desh Bandha Cha image.

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  1. hmm agree with you.there needs to be change but without the division of our country based on castes. well our country is small on its own and further division will only make our country that much easier for India to take over or any other country. besides why can’t we all live together in peace respecting each other and not discriminating some because they are from different caste. Equal opportunities is what the should be. The ones they used were pain rude ( I know it must be some immature, illiterate or plain stupid ass people) how are you going to bring your country forward and compete with the rest of the countries if you cannot live with your own people. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.

  2. Nepal’s beauty is exceptionally seen not only in its nature but also in its culture. The combination of more than a hundred of different cultures make us Nepali. We have always identified ourselves as Nepalis rather than this caste and that caste. But I do agree there have been so many social discrimination in the name of castes and now this has to be resolved by working together as Nepalese. We donot want to hurt anybody while taking our rights. This has to be the key factor in reacting with the status quo and ask them for the equal rights so that we all could accommodate under the same Nepalese roof. Why fight in the name of ethnicity when there are so many possibilities to live together as usual ! Rather lets ask our rights to our so-called leaders but not fight each other. We do not want any more wars while we have had enough of these kinds of conflict. We do not want at all. Hence, I am being a normal human being I urge all my Nepalese fellows to tell our leaders to give us such a constitution that could maintain social harmony and thus peace and thus economic progress. I hope we all want the same.

  3. You are a kid lex , pampered kid where you don’t have to struggle for your wants. And honestly you need to add professionalism. And regarding nepal ethnical status they just want their status, culture recognized as national level , which in nepal had been of chettri baun for more than 240 years.. A madheshi , janjati , dalit struggles to get a job in government and has to go abroad for in need to feed his family. You may arise a question, what about poor baun chettri working hard. You and some people may think this movement is against patricular caste, your are wrong , this movement is against system hold by particular two caste which want to implement their ideology, thought, religion , belief upon the rest other group just becasue they are holding the power. Walk in the shoes of a person if you really want to know him. Having Mcdonal infront of laptop, and talking patriotic thing is different than struggling to get a job , just because of caste. Get your fact right you little punk. I am in abroad and having nice good life. But when it’s political science you have to think deep,evaluate , make assumption and track the history . So you better stick to your news job lol. No country can move forward when you cannot hear the voice of majority. Majiority here represent the voice of janjati dalit madhesi.

  4. Lex Thanks for writing about this issue. I appreciate you taking your time out of your exams n all to write about this… I have an opinion about this..
    When people from all over the world are taking initiative towards illustrating diversity and celebrating each coomunity and culture, it is sad to see that Nepal being such a small country, instead of promiting about ethnic diversity and culture, we are fragmenting it into pieces. Let’s unite on working together to uplift the lives of the vulnerable (if there are any) and enrich the lives of all under priviledge Nepalese. Blaming the past and spreading hatred isn’t going to do any good for us and our future generation. Let’s not just take and take and take but be ready to offer our services to those who are in need, to people from anny community, caste or culture…. If we all can do this,we will have a better example to set for our future generation. We the educated and independent generation of today’s Nepal should be more focused on creating awareness about our rich diversity and help promote our country through unity. “I promise to offer service of any Nepali in Need regardless of the caste, culture or ethnicity”… Do you? That’s is what NEPAL is in greater NEED of…

  5. I kind of agree with the anonymous on how the people tries to implement thei religion, belief and culture.though they’re only minority …. They try to generalise theyre culture, belief and religion to other popylation, and, expose it internationally e.g. Nepal is a hindu country.

  6. DumbAss people still think nepal is a small country.. Dui din pahad ma lagera rakhdinu parne ani chal pauthyo how big nepal is..

  7. I am sick of the caste issue but there is no evading it. It is an ugly business and divides us. As Nepali people we are divided not only by economic and social class but a further caste system. It is all well and good to celebrate different cultures and traditions but the downside is the discrimination, tension and furore it can cause. We may speak the same language but the caste behind our names is always going to be a bone of contention for some. Going federal will not only divide the country further it will pave the way for devolution of power from the central government. What is not to stop the devolved regions from wanting complete autonomy to rule themselves. chaos will ensue.

  8. Thank you guys for liking my previous comment the one above pretty. But I am more concerned about the voices of majority, federalism based on ethnic identity is just a way of proclaiming it. But as i said this is political science, you don’t always assume things can go well when divided in ethnicity. It can lead to new dynamic multicultural , but at the same time it can also outbrust into more caste discrimination, even if we dont want too. In my opinion the best way of proclaiming basic rights of janjati , dalit is to form a large party , like madhesi people, which have made them enable to get a great height in political involment. Decentralised should be made , but with party of congress uml ( which covers most of bahun chettri) , janajati ( newar, magar , gurung sherpa tmg,rai limbu sunwar etc) , madhesi , dalit.. This will give power to each soceity to go against or support the new draft/proposal of laws, whereas in past these voices were surpassed in the name of party which was dominant of brahmin and chettri. Making nepal a hindu kingdom by party or state power which is dominantly of strict hindu follwer bahun chettri is just a example of indirect caste discrimantion to others. So the best module is congress uml( bahun chettri) , janjati , madhesi , dalit… Please share this idea with your friends, if you like my opinion. That’s just my opinion . Author – Badal Thapa Mgr

  9. We know what the problem is but sadly people associate it just to ‘cast-ism’ which merely scratches the surface of what the real issue.Politics is ‘EMOTIONS’, if majority of people want new ways of governance(ie. new regions based on ethnicity) than I don’t see anything wrong with that what lawmakers can do on their behalf is to make sure that they protect that every one is protected and treated just under the law(isn’t this democracy?). Now the much bigger issue is incompetence of current lawmakers, frankly Bandas and protest is not going to sway any of these monkeys as its not personal enough. I think its time we make this personal. Hear me out follow these steps,
    a. find who represents you(or the representative of your region or ethnicity.
    b. write them letters expressing your concern.(don’t be offensive/abusive).
    c. ask for update.
    d. if you are still ignored, now send him/her saying that they have failed and no longer deserve to be in the office,and ensure them that you’ll let others know of his incompetence.
    How you can make this personal,
    I. send letters to the party leaders and inform them about your representative .
    II. research on legal ways you could cost him his job.
    III. follow up, go the extra mile its essential.
    IV. be creative, name and shame them….
    sadly if it fails,
    Prepare for another REVOLUTION.This time nominate people YOU know personally not just a random party. if you think you can stand up and nominate your self.

    Cast-ism is not an issue here, if not national law, Laws of economy will prevent cast segregation.with more Nepalese getting educated than ever the notion of ‘cast’ will very soon loose its significance.I am more than happy if they name certain terai regions ‘tharu prades’ or hilly regions ‘limbuwan/sherpawan..e.t.c’ given they make it a fair for all. Only a fair constitution will ensure a smother government, efficient developmental programs a much fairer representation(It’s disgusting to see how shamelessly political leaders are in office(taking turns) WITHOUT OUR CONSENT).

    cast-ism is not a real problem, incompetent lawmakers are: to get their attention,make it PERSONAL for them.

  10. Lex Bhai!

    Timi kura bujhchhau ki bujhdainau ho..achammai laagchha
    Khulerai ‘Jaatiya Dwanda’ ko aago lai ta haawaa ta timi po didai chhau ta kina?

    Kaha sunyau timi le tyasto vaneko huh?Navaneko kura lai advertise gardai Janajati ko against ma, Bahun ko mann ma HATRED ta timi le po encourage gardai hiddai chhau ta.k ko laagi?

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