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“To be a designer in Nepal right now feels a bit like speaking a language only a few understand.” – Astik Serchan (designer).

Read the full Living Magazine interview of Astik Serchan – HERE.

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  1. To be a designer in Nepal right now feels a bit like speaking a language only a few understand.” – Astik Serchan (designer)
    you are doing it wrong . its not a language its not a language only few can understand(because?????) . design (not just in Nepal) its like paintings, skillfully drawn and unique ones holds the highest value, photocopied and unskilled well… when i hear people give such remarks as to why its hard for them, its shameful to say the least.its never other people’s fault that you fail/difficult . people making such remarks deserve to fail.

  2. Ughh seriously, all these so called creative-artistic-talented people think they’re so unique and high above every one else… like stfu!! They have no sense of humility at all. Speaking a language only few can understand – my ass!! Thats quite a disgusting attitude tbh. And its not only for astik but for all the ‘creative’ people out there. Fair enough you will struggle in the beginning but if you deliver good product, people will eventually give you credit for it. There’s no need to impose that only a few ‘special’ people can understand your fashion.. jeezz!

  3. true, same goes to other art field like painting i mean for example modern art, abstract so on. The industry hasn’t bloomed to its fullest. i know what you mean. and people abouve my comment seem to literally take the word language you mentioned . what the hell is this that people don’t understand it lol.
    they shouldn’t try too hard to try to find a meaning of the sentence spoked haha. cheers

  4. To be a designer in (Nepal) right now feels a bit like speaking a language only a (few understand) …..
    dear designer,i would not like to take your words completely in negative way coz i see that before speaking you didnot think of the bigger picture. well its not your fault. the fortunate ones like you mostly never do. What do you expect in a country like ours where people’s priority for the past few years have been cutting down on their budget everyday as everything is so expensive. even basic necessities are hard to fulfil. Are you really referring to the whole country? well then let me remind you, Kathmandu is not Nepal. you say your language can be understood only by few… who are these few, that you are talking about?? ….. are you talkng bout those few who live in kathmandu ..n listen to the melodies of jazz reggare, etc in friday evenings?? …. who wouldnt mind spending 1000 NRs n a lot more in fabrics, dining n their luxurious needs?? …… do you think a lower middle class or a poor person would come n admire your collection and dream of wearing one?? …….. you need to reach out to the mass, make them know that you arent a designer for the riches but for all…. make your creativity your talent a medium to reach out to everyone.. so that you can understand the language all of us speak here not the few you are talking bout… coz we dont understand that language

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