AFBAH – Maithili Short Film

Thoroughly enjoyed it! It was also my first ever viewing of a Maithili short-film!
AFBAH (rumor) is a short film about the growing culture of “ek kaan, dui kaan, maidan” in Janakpur and the wider Madhes region, I think this rumor culture is pretty much evident all over Nepal (New Road ghost). This trend has unfortunately led to serious cases where even innocent civilians have been accused of being the mastermind behind some serious crimes. Viewing the video you will see various happenings and for those that haven’t witnessed much of what Nepal has to offer, you will also see the Janakpur area from a very simple yet appealing angle! I noticed a lot of familiar sights, ahh makes me want to go back there again. I can almost smell the place, nostalgic feeling.

Getting back to the point; the acting was just superb! I really liked the message the film portrayed, the way it was filmed and overall everything! Some of you might be thinking, they’re not Nepali, they’re not speaking Nepali… but friends we all are. Whilst some people use their distinct social identities such as their ethnicity, interests and language to make them unique which is appreciated by many, unfortunately I  believe that is something which we need to work more on. Our social identities currently only tends to divide us rather than make us appreciate our diversity. Finally, I hope you all get the message of the video. Think three times before you share something that you’ve heard. Being a blogger; someone who has the ability to reach out to several hundred people, I certainly need to take this message in.

Thank you to the team for providing such a wonderful video. 

PS. The actress, Ranju Jha died in the recent bomb explosion in Janakpur. She was previously seen in Deepak Rauniyars Chaukath and will be seen in Highway too…

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