Gurkha Soldier Aiming For Paralympics

Gurkha Rifleman Kushal Limbu, who lost both his legs below the knee in Afghanistan, has his sights firmly set on the Paralympics this summer.Kushal had to have both his legs amputated below the knee when his vehicle struck an IED in Musa Qala on 15 November, 2008. He was one month into his second operational tour of Afghanistan. 

Kushal still has a month to go before he finds out if he is able to compete in the Olympics, but coach, Peter Le Rossignol at the Julie Rose Stadium in Ashford is confident. 

“In the T43 (double below the knee amputation) category, Kushal is fourth in the world, but the categories are merged for Paralympics making him in the top 15 to 20. But he is only getting faster, and I expect to see him qualify.” 

“Obviously I have my disability. I am a disabled person, but this is an opportunity to do something to represent my country. I’m not saying I like being this way, but I have a chance to bring something good out of this disability and to show others what I am capable of. I wouldn’t choose to be like this but I’m not going to let it hold me back.” Source: Army MOD 

Really great to hear progress from his side! Wishing Kushal Limbu all the best and hopefully we’ll get to see him at the Paralympics! Not to forget, all those competing at the Paralympics are very inspiring and seeing their determination to reach their goal is definitely motivating. 
PS. You guys excited for Olympics??

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  1. This is such an inspirational step. My best wishes to Mr. Limbu. What ever the outcome for selection to Olympics is, he is already a winner in my eyes.

  2. HI kushal bro…thumps up for ur effort ur the real hero man as i know u from school tym…..thumps up

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