Prabal Gurung Heading For Bollywood

Designer Prabal Gurung is heading back to Mumbai, the home of Bollywood. Prabal who will be visiting Mumbai after thirteen years has been invited to director Karan Johars birthday bash in Mumbai. The popular director will be turning 40 this Friday 25th May! Prabal surely seems excited! I’m sure his followers are more excited to see him sharing photos soon of Bollywood celebrities. If Priyanka Chopra’s there, please take a photo with her. : )))

PS. Classy invite! I believe mine got lost in the post… oh well I’ll attend his 50th. haha!

UPDATE: Here’s the photo from the birthday bash!

Actress Deepika Padukone wears Prabal Gurung!!!

Hrithik Roshan and Prabal Gurung

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  1. deepika luks guud just as jennifer lawrance 🙂 n omg hrithik roasan luks like nagg raj from the comics lol but stilll a hotttie with those abs.

  2. how come in 1 photo the right person has ear-ring and on the other he doesn’t have ear-ring! :S makes me doubtful if these are real pictures! and face expression’s exactly same! :S

  3. whats wrong with mr prabal gurung’s expression. he has always the same expression in almost every photo i saw. this one is definately little kasto kasto k ..original hoinahoina jsto lagyo. look at his face expression ditto same in both

  4. Wtf is wrong with u people..??
    Can’t stand to see a nepalese this successfull??
    Inspite of praising him for his success u guys r ta fake jasto cha?..
    Get a life haters!
    Pg is way ahead in life to even notice ur bullshits

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