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Dayahang Rai
Namrata Shrestha
Arpan Thapa
Robin Tamang
Saugat Malla
Prateek Neupane

Photos from the upcoming Nepali film CHHADKE have surfaced online! What do you guys make of it?? I am glad to see Namrata Shrestha on a bike, hopefully this won’t be a repeat of her performances from before. I’ve watched Sano Sansar, Mero Euta Saathi Cha and Miss U. Miss U definitely left me speechless. The best performance of hers for me was of the HIV/AIDS shortfilm Bashma Chaina Mero Mann, however let’s see if Miss Shrestha can pick herself back up after her comeback debacle. Joining Namrata is Arpan Thapa (Batch No 16 & Sick City), Saugat Malla (Dasdhunga, K Yo Maya Ho, LOOT), Dayahang Rai (Dasdhunga & LOOT) Robin Tamang and Prateek Neupane! Chhadke has been directed by Nigam Shrestha who was the assistant director of LOOT. Looks like we can expect an action packed entertaining movie in the near future. Hopefully.

PS. Arpan Shrestha is totally worrrrkkkiingggg itt ;D

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CHHADKE – Upcoming Nepali Film

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