One Village A Month Campaign by PM Bhattarai

Our current PM Dr Baburam Bhattarai went to visit Jhor Mahankal VDC of Kathmandu district on Wednesday in a bid to interact directly with people and seek public views. I must say, kudos for starting such an initiative. Whether it’s for public image or genuine reasons I do not know but hey he is clever and one has to give him a pat on the back for that. Dr Baburam Bhattarai’s campaign is to visit one village a month, now this is what every neta etc should be doing with their own costs involved (will probably never happen). Come on, if they can make time to attend book launches and act in a celebrity manner by cutting red-carpet ribbons then they have enough time to just travel 30 minutes outside of the ring-road and spend 15 minutes listening to the people. They don’t even have the burden of sitting and waiting through a traffic jam in the sweltering heat. 
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UPDATED: 15/06/2012

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  1. Lex limbu ko dimag cha bhanya chaina raicha…..yart yo gau gau ghumna lako sabai election ko lagi ho yo total election ko rule bhanda bahira cha so he is breaking the rule of country hai…ani maobadi party ko faida ko lagi desh ko paisa sakdai cha ….lex bro bichar gara ta nepal ko sabbai gau gau ghumda kati paisa sakincha hola…

  2. Haha, muniko comment. Soltihajur Congressko supporter hou ra timi? Haina, at least public view ta lideicha ni Baburam lay. Gharma basera masubhat khayeko ta chainani. Ani paisako kura garney ho bhane, Nepalko paisa (if there is any), at least naya Mercedes kindei kharcha ta garechainani, hainara? Vote line ho bhane yo tarika thik cha. Mic ma jhuto bachan ta dideina ni. Ani baburam lai thaha cha ni gau gau ko pida.
    P.S. Biased views narakhum bhaneko

  3. dr baburam has been taking suggest and view of people from long time i think he is not doing this only for election , itihas ma kasaile nagre ko kam pm dr le griraheko cha it is good ….

  4. Atleast aru leader haru jasto india jadai baseko chaina or government le afulai deko facilities (car,fuel, home) ko chain birodh nagarne khali j kura ma pani negative dekhnu bhayena ni.

    p.s Government now provides all the ex PMs, Home ministers, speaker, judges with life long supply of a vehice and fuel.

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