Football Mad Nepalis Top GOOGLE List

Even though Nepal is not participating in the current Euro Cup 2012, Nepalis are still hardcore football enthusiasts and even statistics prove it. A latest release by Google shows that Nepal has topped the list and become the number 1 country with the most Euro 2012 and Olympics-related searches in the past few months. Our national team has never taken part in any international tournament but we did host the Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup earlier this year in March. Check out the list below:

  1. Nepal 
  2. Poland
  3. Ireland
  4. Mauritius 
  5. Lebanon
  6. Angola
  7. Indonesia
  8. Vietnam
  9. Ghana
Football fever running high! Image above is courtesy of The Himalayan Times. So fellas, which country are you rooting for?

UPDATE: 16/06/2012 – Here are some other publications that have shared the news for further evidence; Silicon Republic, thejournal, Rise of Nepal.

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Lex Limbu
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  1. Lex bro I really appreciate way u’ ve been doing but here I agree Wid 1st comment. U sud’ve kept the link so ppl would really believe it if its true.

  2. Fuck euro cup and fuck the all Nepalese people watching this crap. Why these people bother anyway. This is not the part of our country or continent. So, why the fuck get awake to watch this shit. I guess European rules And White power exists over the biggest scumbag like us nepalese people. Do you scumbag and european cock sucker do even know who won the motherfucking Asian cup???or even know about Nepalese league. Nepalese people and other fucking people who are watching this shit from their countries are born to serve this European people. So, fuck off and lastly it doesn’t have to be this away. So, change the thinking and promote your own people and games. Thankyou.

  3. The comment above mine sure did a number on me. This is acting like an “ekkalkate” on a grand scale. Sports is sports. You dont have to be in it to like it or support it. What does European c**ks**ker and football have to do with each other anyway.The above comment is just vile and lacks decency. And lastly, Change Your Thinking and Stop Spouting Nonsense then, we shall talk.
    – a keen football enthusiast.

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