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Miss UK Nepal 2011 Gaumaya Gurung is currently in Nepal where she hopes to commence her Everest Expedition for Childreach International on 19th June. The petite beauty-queen will be flying to Lukla from where they will walk all the way to Everest Base Camp. It is expected that the group will finish the expedition in nineteen days. Gaumaya has been using her days very productively as her updates have already informed her followers of her trip to her village Gorkha where she donated books to Janajyoti Higher Secondary School and took on the responsibility to sponsor two students from the school for further education. Gaumaya wants to thank NetFox Ltd for making this possible and hopes that this will encourage more students to study till higher education. Once back in Kathmandu she hurried to Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology where she handed over equipment worth over £1000 to Nabin Rai. As if that wasn’t enough, she also made a quick appointment at Maiti Nepal where she handed over Nrs 50,000 to Anuradha Koirala.

Wahh! All of this and she’s hardly been there few weeks! Great job Gaumaya, you aren’t only doing the title of Miss UK Nepal proud but really, you are an example that we all should follow. Wish you the best for the Everest Expedition.

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  1. she is so amazinggggg. she is dedicated, n worked her ass off. she is sunch an inspiration n this makes me cryyyyyyyy. omg i did donated like 20 quid so hope it helped her to give it to the poor n miserable people of nepal. i love her to bits n also helping poor people. ooo i amm damm gud gal. i am so hot like a duck. xoxo gossip girl

  2. kudos to all the good work she did so far in her trip to Nepal but I am not quite sure about her trip to Everest region at this time because weather will be worse during June/July as it monsoon season. But on other hand she can get chance to celebrate major festival which happens during this time of year so I hope weather will favor her because I am sure many UK wala are following about her trip to Everest. So good weather means great pictures and also experience which will help to attract Nepali abroad to travel to this beautiful part of the world.

  3. i love gaumaya didi! such a genuine and nice person and she has so much conviction, truly an inspiration! its so great to know all the good work that she’s been doing! here’s one miss uk nepal that we can all be proud of 🙂

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