Promise Tamang Phan as Princess Zelda

I am loving the photo above of Promise Tamang Phan as Princess Zelda! She looks absolutely amazing! After being featured on countless international websites, magazines and television Promise is indeed having a great year and there’s still six months left. More time for this super-talented and beautiful make-up artist to rule the world. I’m impressed and continuously amazed. Promise I want a Britney transformation please! Her videos have been viewed over 109,000,000 million times, wanna add more views? Click HERE!

PS. The costume is by The Iron Ring and the photography by Jimmy Ngo and Josh Mossman.

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Promise on Good Morning America!
Ek Chin with Promise Tamang Phan

Lex Limbu
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  1. That viewing figure can’t be right! Its impossible to achieve for now!
    Kidding! I’m sure that’s a typo!
    She never ceases to amaze one!

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