AirAsia Flies to Kathmandu

Some good news! 
Till date I believe only Nepal Airlines connected Kathmandu to Kuala Lumpur. This route is apparently very busy due to the high volumes of Nepali migrant workers plying to go abroad. Thankfully low-cost airline AirAsia have stepped in as they introduced their very first flight between Kuala Lumpur and Kathmandu on 3 July 2012. AirAsia currently flies twice a week to Kathmandu on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s very likely that the airline will increase its frequency of flights within the next few months. If you’re planning to travel with AirAsia in the future, just remember that you’ll have to spend extra money to purchase food and refreshments on board and to use the entertainment facilities. Even extra for baggage allowance. It doesn’t come cheap just like that : ) Regardless of that, it’s great to see Kathmandu becoming more connected. Now when can we actually get a nice clean airport with an average customer service; that’s not asking for too much.

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