10 Reasons Why Nepal Rocks!

Here’s my 10 Reasons Why Nepal Rocks on this months issue of WAVE Magazine!
  • Lovee for the chatpates sold in Kathmandu. Huge shoutout to the dai in Golfutar chowk who’s been selling it since ages ago!
  • Rooftop bus rides and the mega-annoying loud horns from the night buses are small things that makes me desperately miss Nepal.
  • One can bargain for everything! From buying a house to even a recharge card. A nation of flexibility!
  • Dharan isn’t only popular for fashion; you gotta try out the aloo nimkin! 
  •  Third highest bungee in the world and the world’s longest free-fall canyon swing at The Last Resort, only rockstars can handle such adrenaline!
  • The simplicity of life led by Nepalis is another addition as to why Nepal rocks.
  • The country and the people rock because we have time for each other, from huddling around chowks to playing carom board on the roadside, there’s definitely a sense of togetherness between people.
  • Thamel. It never gets old. There’s something for all ages in the tourist hub. Great place for teenagers 😉
  • We have some fine beautiful women such as Jharana Bajracharya!
  • It rocks because at the end of the day the people have learned to look at the country with optimism and a sense of hope for the days ahead. Jai Nepal.
  • The unpredictability of Nepal is quite exciting. A thrill which only some can positively handle. Not knowing whether you’re going to reach your hometown by tomorrow, having no idea when you’ll get water for your house or fuel for your bike to go on a mad Friday night out is something that adds to Nepals appeal for me. 
Sharing few highlights of this months issue below! Grab a copy now!
Witty! Liked it!
Priyanka Karky on cover!
Featured – Roshani Thapa!
Get the mag and see the Street Style from Dharan.
So Amusing!

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  1. No rules & Regulations, If has some then never followed
    Most People are lazy and time always starts 1 hour late in every shows and programs, khalti herda zero tara saan chai badi, Corrupted government = failed society, dusty and dirty.. *ktm blah blah blah

    If all these changed and government tighten up the rules and regulations strictly.. Nepal would reach high just like the so called Mount everest!

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