Miss UK Nepal Gaumaya Gurung with friends
Gauley Hero Haru!
Pretty ladies in pretty outfits
Rapoholic and the girls
The duo looks ready to rock!
Miss UK Nepal 2012 Durga Gurung with friends
Nepali Beauties at their best 😉
The good-looking foursome
Nothing beats a smile! Candid shot.
DJ Bickey and Shruti, dressed to impress
International yo!! Friends of Nepal 😀
Gurung boys killed it! Super effort shown here.

Better late than never, agreed?
Dance Nepal Dance can officially be hailed as a successful party. Over 300 attended Club Protocol on Friday 14th September to party in Nepali style! Many made the effort to wear Nepali traditional wear whilst some chose to fuse the best of what Eastern and Western fashion had to offer. The lads were seen with their Buddhist beaded malas or dhaka topis whilst some of the ladies went full-on with cholo tops and bhakkus. The party fashion can all be seen by viewing the photos uploaded by HawaChex Entertainment, HAV A Moment and Yudda Pun. 

Huge shoutout and thank you to DJ BICKEY for the music, Rapoholic and GAWKY for their spectacular performance, the photographers for making everyone feel like a celebrity and lastly, thank you to everyone for attending the party. This was our first attempt; we learned, observed and will definitely come back a year later with Dance Nepal Dance, hope to see all of you sexy gauleys there.

PS. The max capacity of the club was 350.

Once again, friends of Nepal
Tika and Dhaka! Must have accessory!
Thanks for bringing the Gorkhey spirit boys!
This group looks dope! Lovin the hair.

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