Pretty ladies ready to invade the dance-floor


Pretty ladies ready to invade the dance-floor
Thats the party spirit!
Cheers’ [Drink Up]
Go Down Not Out! 😉
Black vs Red? Pretty girls in Kent
Kent Boys!
Looks like he had a good time!!

Were you there to see a CRAZED UP KENT??? Yes it happened, in a major fashion also!

CRAZY KENT – The Dashain dance party organized by Himali Limited took place on 21st October from 10PM onwards. As expected, hordes of party-prowlers and those in Dashain spirit made their way into Liquid and Envy club for the party that was being DJ’d by DJ CVA and team. Kudos to the team for pulling it off, especially considering it was a Sunday night. I guess no one can beat the party spirit of us Nepalese.

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