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Thanks to the ever-expanding memory cards and smartphones, we’re taking countless photos of what we eat, do and the people that we come across everyday. Gone are the days when one would be very careful with how they use their precious film roll. Gone are also the days when people would develop their photos and create photo albums and frame their beautiful shots on their walls. Albums now occupy your phone memory and social profiles with frame worthy photos ending up on Instagram. Thankfully, there are individuals who are keen on old practices. PhotoKhichuwa’s latest video shows the photographer GIVING BACK THE SHOTS. The video by Stock Photography Nepal follows PhotoKhichuwa going back to the individuals and giving their framed photos snapped by the photographer. As you can guess, PhotoKhichuwa brings smiles on the faces of the people through this action. Simple yet beautiful.

As PhotoKhichuwa writes, if you smiled then go ahead and give it a share.

PS. If you want to learn more about how the project came to be. Watch the video below.

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