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Nepali film Visa Girl had its very first screening in the UK on 4th November 2012 at Harrow’s Safari Cinema. The film which is the first venture of CG Entertainment has been brought over to the UK by With one screening down, the film is expected to be screened at several different locations including Reading, Kent, Farnborough and Nuneaton.

The Real Deal

Honestly, I enjoyed the film. I have a habit of not expecting too much these days so I guess that helped as well. The film is very good looking; the actors and actresses and Kathmandu overall looks very pleasing to the eye. Well dressed too, kudos to Tenzin Tseten Bhutia’s designs and styling. Brand placements in the film also made the film look edgy, Chevrolet and Ruslan did the trick. The story is average. It could have been made a little tighter. Now who did I think was the best? Definitely Karma, he made people laugh. Reema Bishwokarma was very very pleasing to the eye. And Reecha was at her okay best. Vinay showed consistency and Raymon impressed. Menuka’s character was someone that you felt for, very enjoyable and Saloni portrayed the naive invisible girl effortlessly. I won’t spoil the film for you but there are quite a few special appearances and clearly some are not needed. All in all, the film is enjoyable and a good timepass. Worth the few hours, go and check it out.


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