Is Priyanka Karki The Next BIG Thing?

Photo by Shashank Pradhan

She’s a celebrated face on-screen who’s poised to take the Nepali cinema by storm. Upcoming actress Priyanka Karki has Kollywood, 3 Lovers and Mero Best Friend for release in the coming months. The actress’s journey into Nepali silver-screen began from Mero Best Friend after replacing Jharana Bajracharya back in 2011. Even though Mero Best Friend does not find itself on the radar any time soon, eager viewers can expect to see the actress taking the screens for the very first time in KOLLYWOOD on December 28 when it releases. The less than imaginative title explains the theme of the film. The former beauty queen clearly has all the right cards working for her, she has also completed Vigilante 3D, set to be Nepal’s very first 3D film.

With so many releases coming soon, 2013 is definitely set to be a busy year for Priyanka. The releases will also prove if the actress can actually deliver on-screen. A pretty face in music videos does not necessarily guarantee packed ticket counters. The trailers for the films Mero Best Friend, 3 Lovers and Kollywood fails to excite. At best, it only looks half-way there. I remember watching a video of a song from the film 3 Lovers and the poor editing had me dumbfounded, kills the product even before the release. Kollywood stretches to become the most masala-filled trailer out of the three. Former Miss Nepal Malina Joshi’s item number lacks that oomph judging by the glimpses seen on the trailer.

Folks. Which one appeals to you?

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  1. Out of the 3 trailers, Kollywood definitely has the edge. It’s nice to see new faces with strong ambition to drive forward the Nepali film industry. I truly support it. Good Luck to Priyanka and the team!

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