New Years Eve Bash by The Signaturee Crew

An Event by The Signaturee Crew


Don’t let this November rain depress you. We’ve got one life to live and if the Mayans forecast is to be true then we don’t have long enough to live. Nonetheless, let’s hope it’s all a big hoohaa for nothing as there’s more exciting things to look forward to beyond this 21st December. If you haven’t caught on to my drift yet then get yourself down on the floor, Club Swagga is where all the coolest kids will be on the 31st December! With fireworks inside and outside the club, The Signaturee Crew boys will guarantee you a bang of a night. The crew have had a very grand 2012, with the sell-out success of LOOT in the UK, Exclusive VIP Party, B-FEST and the return of The Show. If there’s anything these boys know, then it’s definitely to present in an extravagant fashion.

Club Swagga is located in Stratford, the heart of East London. Stratford was also the home of the London Olympic Games 2012. The night will kick off religiously at 10PM. Plan and arrive ahead as the rush-hour New Years Eve jam can be quite challenging to get through. DJ CVA will be on the beats throughout the night so don’t forget to send your NYE special requests right away! The New Year Eve 2012 bash has been officially sponsored by Baycix, an online shopping portal for the trendsetters.

Venue: Club Swagga, Stratford (London)
Nearest Station: Stratford (Central Line/Overground/National Rail)
Organizers: The Signaturee Crew
Price: £15
Official Sponsor: BAYCIX
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