Lex in Nepal – A Year Later

Poster by Swapnil Acharya

Ek Chin with Namrata Shrestha, the very first video from the Lex in Nepal webseries officially went public on youtube on 20th November 2011. Following the interview with the actress, one video a week was uploaded every Sunday evening until the 25th December 2011.

Looking back at the videos I feel very satisfied to have executed my idea. One can come up with hundreds of plans but it’s only a few that make it in the end. This whole webseries was thought of during my long-hours working as a security steward at the Wimbledon Championship in 2011. Those long-hours dragged and my wondering mind could not stop itself from planning, planning and planning. As a student on a budget, I could only stretch the boundaries so much. A lot of factors had to be considered. If I had spent more time on the pre-production phase and created a more efficient schedule then I believe the videos would’ve been a whole lot better. My approach; I jumped right into it. I wanted it to be organic, unplanned and on the spot. Of course, there was a team of people involved, especially in the post-production phase that played a key part in making the webseries what it is today. I will forever be thankful for their time and effort. Khukuri Beer, Nepalese Tandoori, London Fashion House and Asian Mahila Association have always been supportive with my initiatives and their assistance in “Lex in Nepal” hugely influenced the videos coming to life.

The subjects that the videos raised and my added opinions were guaranteed to draw divided opinions. That was very much my aim, to show people things they want to ignore and to make them see a different side. I remember catching the Central Line tube from Bank to Mile End one morning when a fellow Nepali came and sat next to me. He excitedly spoke about the Namrata Shrestha interview. His feeling towards her was nothing but disgust based on her previous action. Fortunately, after watching the interview he shared that it was wrong of him to judge her based on the unfortunate incident and getting the glimpse of the actress on a different level really put things into perspective for him. I didn’t say anything… I smiled and thanked him for watching the video. Likewise, the Mero Koseli video, the shortest from the six touched many I heard. Another fellow Nepali from Hong Kong donated Nrs 60,000 to the Koseli School after watching the video. That donation received by Koseli was the biggest single donation for the school. I want to thank the gentleman and his friends for such a noble action. And the Gay Pride Nepal video… the pride taking place during my visit in Nepal was an opportunity for me to go and capture it. Others hadn’t done it in the way I wanted so I did it. But questions about why the video was made continue till today.

And the questions continue… “what’s next Lex?”

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